A Grand Pause

GrandPauseYes indeed, Hudson Sounds has been experiencing a grand pause. In music notation, the caesura, or grand pause, is expressed with the fermata symbol over a rest to indicate an extended break in which time is not counted; a break in the forward motion of the music. In what was to be but a brief pause to catch the breath and take a moment or two to rebalance work demands and personal life, that short pause seemingly turned into quite a bit of a Grand Pause. Rest assured that Hudson Sounds will be returning shortly…at times with a few differences, yet the same. Bear with us as the event listings are brought up to date and featured posts begin to return with some regularity.

Meanwhile, if there is something you would like to see on Hudson Sounds, please send an e-mail with suggestions to HudsonSoundsInfo @ gmail.com.

Thank you all for your patience and faithful readership.

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